ESTONIAN RURAL NETWORK: Study-trip to Italy about social farming

Time: 29.11.2011–02.12.2011

Place: Italy

Social farming - what is it?

Social farming is a type of farming where in addition to agricultural products production, an employment opportunities are offered to socially disadvantageous people (e.g disabled people, addicts etc) to keep them communicating and developing.
That's mostly because of working with animals and gardening helps disabled people to manage their life better and offers joy. And of course it helps to create working habit.

Rural network bureau of Rural Economy Research Centre (Estonian Rural Network) has been dealing social farming topics among others.

Social farming theme was discussed at the social farming thematic working group of member states rural network's started by Italian Rural Network in 2010. Social farming networks are highly developed in Italy, the Netherlands and elsewhere.


Rural Network bureau organized the first thematic discussion at Pahkla Camphilli village on 8 December 2010

More information is available on the THEMATIC WEB-SITE

Rural Economy Research Centre Rural Network bureau organized a thematic study-trip about social farming to Italy on 29 November to 2 December 2011. ÕThe target-group of the study-trip were the representatives of Central Association of Estonian Farmers, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board, Estonian Chamber of Disabled People and other organizations. There were 16 participants in total.

List of participants



Italy, 29 November - 2 December 2011

29 November 2011


Meeting at Tallinn airport, departure 15.05 Tallinn - Prague - Rome
30 November 2011

The National Forum for Social Farming. Meeting and discussion in Rome office.


“Agricultural Capodarco” farm. Additional information

Introduction of farm activities, study-trip and questions-answers session
12.30 Lunch in Capodarco farm
14.30 Iacchelli social farm. The social farm aims to create and retain new employments to different level socially disadvantaged people. Introduction of farm activities, study-trip, and questions-answers session
1 December 2011

Meeting with representatives of Tagaste Day Centre.


Ostia didactic garden.

  • aadress Via Bruno Molajoli, 68 Acilia
12.30 Lunch in restaurant of social farm of Garibald Institute
13.30 Garibaldi Institute.
15.00 Meeting and discussion with representatives of province-level of social farming forum.
2 December 2011
  Departure from Rome 07.10 Rome - Prague - Tallinn, arrival at 14:20

Information about the study-trip Ave Bremse, ave @, telephone 515 6412 or Meeri Klooren, meeri @, telephone525 8261


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