LEADER Transnational Cooperation conference

„Shared experience – multiple profit“

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  Introduction and welcome - moderator of the day - Mr Illar Lemetti, Estonian Ministry of Agriculture "Estonian Leader TNC“ – Ms Anneli Kimmel Estonian Ministry of Agriculture  Plenary
  "Leader and TNC" - Mr Pedro Brosei, European Comission DG AGRI  "The positive impact of transnational cooperation on European Leader areas" - Mr Jean-Michel Courades, expert (France) "Leader TNC – a positive impact in Estonia" - Mrs Sirje Kuusik, Association of Estonian Rural Tourism



 A – Leader TNC – Enhancing local value




  Moderator: Jolanta Vaičiūnienė, Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania Duo Mustaparta Ensemble Esa Rautiainen and Elina Söderström  Leader TNC – Enhancing local value

 B – Leader TNC – Encouraging local creativity





   A la Region - Upper Tampere & Hunsruck and Rhein Valley.
Mr Achim Kistner, LAG Hunsrück project coordinator
 Youth for Youth. Mr Tiiu Rüütle, LAG Põlva County Partnership Board, LAG manager  Audience

 C – Leader TNC – Greening local issues

    Bees and Biodiversity. Together to Stop Pollinating Insects Decline and Protect Biodiversity Mrs Pirjo Heikkinen, LAG Living Kainuu LEADER Executive Director and Mr Finn Chemnitz, LAG Lolland  

Final part - plenary - Summaries from case sessions. 

  Moderator of the day - Mr Illar Lemetti, Estonian Ministry of Agriculture Moderator: Jolanta Vaičiūnienė, Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania
Rapporteur: Hans-Olof Stålgren, Swedish Rural Network
Rapporteur: Mrs Guna Sulce, Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre
Moderator: Mrs Anneli Ott, LAG Võrumaa Partnership Assambly
  Discussions Rapporteur: Mrs Silva Anspal, LAG Järva Development Partners
Moderator: Mrs Anneli Kimmel, Ministry of Agriculture of Estonia,


Date of nomination: (05) 2013-05-08
Nomination country: Finland
Title: Nature Tourism Project
Nominees: Winner of Category
Category: Tourism
Countries: Finland, Hungary, Scotland, England, France, Portugal, Cap Verde
Leading partner: Finland - LAG Karhuseutu
Photos link:
Summary: All partner areas have rurality as a core issue and seek to overcome economic fragility through the promotion of the natural and cultural tourism assets in their areas via responsible tourism. Partner areas are able to learn from the experiences and lessons of the other regions some of whom already have experience to share. Each area hosts a nature/cultural tourism conference. Representatives from tourism businesses in their area attend. Learning about best practices in tourism, experiences in local tourism and networking with other tourism businesses. Delegates make suggestions to develop products based on the knowledge they bring from the partner area.

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