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The Awards Gala Event was held
in Tallinn on 26th September 2013 and
the AWARDS for Leader transnational cooperation projects was presented

The Nordic-Baltic Regions Rural Network Support Units -
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden
initiated the Nordic-Baltic Leader Cooperation Award.

The LEADER Transnational Cooperation Awards collected 60 applications from participating countries.The finalists of the five categories were chosen out of 60 nominees in Roskilde, Denmark on the 6th June 2013. The evaluation committee included the representatives of Estonia, Lithuanian, Latvia, Swedish, Finnish and Danish rural networks. The final selection of the winners of Nordic-Baltic Leader transnational cooperation projects was in Helsinki on 27th August on 2013.



The WINNERS of the five categories:

The finalists of Youth category:

  • Wind for Youth
    Wind for Youth 12 is a large scale youth and culture project between two partners, Ino ry from LAG Aktiivinen’s area (Finland) and Jung St Marien –band form LAG LinzLands area – from Austria.
The project makes possible the educational exchange on European music education, exchange of orchestras,cultural studies, international education for youngsters and developing of cultural tourism on music-thematics. One of the main thematics is to keep youngsters together and maintain the orchestras function up to be the adult composed orchestras as nowadays in rural areas the youngsters tend to move away and all the orchestra work will be lost in the area. Read more about the project HERE
Leading partner: Aktiivinen Pohjois-Satakunta ry (Finland)    Partners: LAG Linz Land (Austria)

 Words from the Jury:

  The project is well-defined, concrete and compact. The target group is also well defined. It has given a new dimension for youths' hobby and possibility for high-level training. The project has kept their interest alive to continue their playing. Project is innovative.

The finalists of Tourism category:

  • Nature Tourism Project 

Partner areas all have rurality as a core issue and seek to overcome economic fragility through the promotion of the natural and cultural tourism assets in their areas via responsible tourism.
Partner areas are able to learn from the experiences and lessons of the other regions some of whom already have experience to share. Each area hosts a nature/cultural tourism conference. Representatives from tourism businesses in their area attend. Learning about best practice in tourism, networking with other tourism businesses and experience local tourism. Delegates make suggestions to develop products based on the knowledge they bring from the partner area. More info HERE

Joint actions
• Develop a marketing website which will link to the home page for the partner areas promotional website. This will be the primary means of communication to visitors.
• Host an exchange program allowing partners to take part in a variety of nature and culture based activities in host LAG areas- By sharing their advice and experience it enables the host LAG to strengthen the experience of other visitors to their area
• Host a conference on a theme of nature based tourism- Each area will identify the theme for their conference and invite local businesses and tourism offices. Delegates will attend from each of the partner areas.
• Promote their area through attendance at Travel Fairs to network and build up a list of new contacts.
• Host a range of press visits and promote their area through other media


Leading partner: LAG Karhuseutu (Finland)   Partners: LAG Abaúj Leader Egyesület (Hungary), LAG Outer Hebrides LEADER (Scotland); Outer Hebrides Tourism Industry Association (Scotland), LAG Pays Boulonnais (France), LAG Coast, Wolds, Wetlands & Waterways (England); Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (England), LAG Adirn (Portugal), Ami Ribeirão (Cap Verde), Tourism entrepreneurs of Kokemäenjokilaakso (Finland) etc.
Words from the Jury:   Project consists of large network with great number of different partners. Through this network partner areas have been able to learn and benchmark the experiences across Europe. Project has had strong links to local entrepreneurs and it has been good capacity building for future entrepreneurship. Also young people and women have been strongly involved in the project. The project has continuity and sustainability.

The finalists of Culture category:

  • Medieval Festivals 

LAGs of 6 European countries are working together communicating their cultural heritage through emerging field of interest for many European people – Middle Ages. Preparing for, participating in, visiting Medieval Festivals in partner regions are the most important activities. Local heritage and history research, seminar presentations, practical exchange of experience in organising large cultural events are also important outcomes. Medieval cultural heritage as a tool for developing tourism in partner regions is investigated, as well as involvement of young people in handicraft, event management, musical, theatre and other practical self-expression opportunities – with possible source of future income as a perspective. More info HERE


Leading partner: LAG Pärnu Bay Partnership (Estonia)   Partners: LAG Karhuseutu (Finland), LAG “Darīsim paši!” (Latvia), LAG Pays Ruthénois (France), LAG ADRITEM (Portugal), LAG ADIRN (Portugal)
Words from the Jury:   The winner is a large project with several dimensions. It has built a wide network across the Europe consisting six European countries. At local level many partners are involved and also old traditions are nicely combined to the content. The theme is trendy and attracts tourists and even young people.

The finalists of Local Area Development category:

  • Cross-border Entrepreneurs Blekinge / Warmia-Mazury 

The transnational project aimed at business development through establishing business contacts between Polish and Swedish rural firms. Business contacts consist in reciprocal visits and study tours, organizing and participating at fairs in both countries that enable testing products and services. The testing groups from both countries visit each other for inspiration and business development, combining taking part in local fairs with testing local food and tourist offers like fishing. Evaluation of joint events is an im portant part of the project. The firms receive feedback needed to meet the expectations from potential business partners and visitors from the other country. More info HERE


Leading partner: LAG Leader Blekinge (Sweden)   Partners: Brama Mazurskiej Krain (Poland), Warmiński Zakątek (Poland)
Words from the Jury:   The winning project has had direct impact to local economy. It is concrete and compact. Jury appreciates that business development is in the chore of the project and benchmarking is wisely used as a tool. Even new firms have been established during the project.

The finalists of Local Resources and Environment category:

  • Growing Gastrounauts

 The main objective of the project is to strengthen links between schools and local food producers. The aim of the project is to study the implementation options of short supply chain from producers and processors "from farm to pot", exchange experiences and to learn from each other. The second objective is to teach children practical examples, farm work, food preparation, etc. The project activities are divided into two groups:
1. Activities oriented towards school children; Called "farm to fork", it includes activities during school hours or after school, it helps to better understand the whole process starting from farmers contribution till the final product is in the market by offering students to see and experience the whole process – in their own country or in some other country.
2. Activities oriented towards staff of schools and pre-schools/nurseries. Together with partners they are organizing a variety of events and thematical days, which are related to topics of local food and eating habits, such as exchange of school cooks in individual partner country, in England and in France; introducing the values of local food to children. As the result of the project, a number of movie clips will be produced to make the learning process more interesting together with the interactive cookbook, that is translated into English, French and Estonian. More info HERE

Websites: hiiusellid.webnode.com



Leading partner: LAG Pays Vallée du Loir (France)   Partners: Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership (England), Central Warwickshire Villages LAG (England), LAG Hiidlaste Koostöökogu (Estonia), West Estonian Islands LAG (Estonia)
Words from the Jury:   The topics of the project are very "up-to-date" in rural development at the moment: local food, young people and short supply chains. In the project there has been developed good and practical exchange between schools and farms. Children have learnt the value of locally produced healthy food. At the same time it has encouraged farmers in their work.


  • Handicraft
    The general objective of the project was to develop a network of partners and entrepreneurs of handicraft makers; to change know-how of handicraft culture between regions; to change know-how of ideas, making and selling handicrafts; to spread handicraft culture to public. The project aims at giving the local handicraft makers possibility to find contacts that will last long after the project is finished. Each project partner had its own project. The joint transnational actions in the Handicraft project were incorporated in each partner’s project plan. The main action in each project was to gather a group of local handicraft makers, who will also be main beneficiaries of the project. The activities of the project were executed mainly by the handicraft makers’ groups, who prepared their production for exhibitions and selling markets, participated in handicraft workshops and handicraft conference, created a fashion show of combined traditional and modern costumes. More info HERE
 Leading partner: LAG Karhuseutu (Finland)   Partners: Jõgevamaa Koostöökoda (Estonia), LAG Darišim paši! (Latvia)

Special prize of Estonian National Rural Unit

  • Youth for Youth
  The TNC project “Youth for Youth” is targeted to young people, ages 18-30 years old, from Baltic countries, who coming from rural areas or villages and most of them studying in the city. During the project will be organized three creative camps for young people in Latvia (Cesis), Lithuania (Ukmerge), Estonia (Põlvamaa) and final event (conference) in Lithuania. The main project idea is to encourage rural youth occupation and active expression capabilities and to show the rural cultural, economical and nature values of rural life. The length of the camp is a week and the number of participants in one camp is about 60. Read more about the project HERE
Leading partner: Ukmerge Region LAG (Lithuania)   Partners: LAG Põlva County Partnership Board (Estonia), Cesis District Rural Partnership (Latvia)
 Words from the Jury:   The only TNC project of three Baltic States.


Date of nomination: (05) 2013-05-08
Nomination country: Finland
Title: Nature Tourism Project
Nominees: Winner of Category
Category: Tourism
Countries: Finland, Hungary, Scotland, England, France, Portugal, Cap Verde
Leading partner: Finland - LAG Karhuseutu
Documents: http://www.maainfo.ee/public/files/05%20APPLICATION%20Form%202%20TOURISM%20new.doc
Photos link: http://www.maainfo.ee/index.php?b=334&page=3538&action=pic_list&
Summary: All partner areas have rurality as a core issue and seek to overcome economic fragility through the promotion of the natural and cultural tourism assets in their areas via responsible tourism. Partner areas are able to learn from the experiences and lessons of the other regions some of whom already have experience to share. Each area hosts a nature/cultural tourism conference. Representatives from tourism businesses in their area attend. Learning about best practices in tourism, experiences in local tourism and networking with other tourism businesses. Delegates make suggestions to develop products based on the knowledge they bring from the partner area.

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