Leader Cooperation Awards


Cooperation projects help all parts of rural Europe to grow together.

Leader cooperation is supported by Rural Development Programmes using the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Cooperation between rural areas is an important tool for the development of these areas. Leader cooperation encourages and supports local action groups to undertake joint actions with other Local Action Groups, or with a Local Action Group taking a similar approach. Read more about Leader transnational cooperation HERE


The Nordic-Baltic Regions Rural Network Support Units - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden
initiated the Nordic-Baltic Leader Cooperation Award.


The LEADER Transnational Cooperation Awards collected 60 applications from participating countries.The finalists of the five categories were chosen out of 60 nominees in Roskilde, Denmark on the 6th June 2013. The evaluation committee included the representatives of Estonia, Lithuanian, Latvia, Swedish, Finnish and Danish rural networks. The final selection of the winners of Nordic-Baltic Leader transnational cooperation projects was in Helsinki on 27th August on 2013.

The Awards Gala Event was held in Tallinn on 26th September 2013 and the five awards for Leader transnational cooperation projects was presented.

The finalists of the five categories:

The finalists of Youth category:

The finalists of Tourism category:

The finalists of Culture category:

The finalists of Local Area Development category:

The finalists of Local Resources and Environment category:

More detailed information about applicants and finalists are available in database.

The aim of the competition is to:

General information is available HERE

Criteria for participating Leader transnational cooperation project in the competition - the Leader transnational cooperation project must involve at least one Nordic-Baltic Local Action Group as a partner and the projects have not to be totally completed. The Leader transnational cooperation project must be included in the list of Leader transnational cooperation projects that have been notified to the European Commission. This list can be viewed on the ENRD Leader Gateway website .

Award categories are youth, tourism, culture, local area development, and local resources and environment.

However if you have any further questions please contact organisers via e-mai: LeaderTNC @ maainfo.ee
the Estonian Rural Network Unit or the contact person in the Rural Network Support Unit for your country.
Contacts of all Nordic-Baltic Rural Networks are available HERE



Date of nomination: (03) 2013-05-08
Nomination country: Sweden
Title: RUCOP – Supporting rural sustainability through Co-operation
Nominees: Participant
Category: Local Recourses and Environment
Countries: Scotland, Sweden
Leading partner: Scotland
Documents: http://maainfo.ee/public/files/03%20APPLICATION%20RUCOP%20%96%20Supporting%20rural%20sustainability%20through%20Co-operation.doc.doc
Photos link: http://maainfo.ee/index.php?b=350&page=3538&action=pic_list&
Summary: Leader Upplandsbygd and Leader Moray want to improve the implementation of Leader in their areas. We have examples of best practice in the four given fields: youth, transition, local food and LAG & Leader Office. To make these even more successful, we believe that an exchange of experience will raise awareness and inspire innovative solutions. For the project workers to meet people in another part of Europe working with the same goals will be a great way to transfer knowledge and motivate to keep up the good work that is being done today.

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