The Nordic-Baltic Regions Rural Network Support Units - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden initiated the Nordic-Baltic Leader Cooperation Award.

The LEADER Transnational Cooperation Awards collected 60 applications from participating countries.

The first selection of the nominated Nordic-Baltic Leader transnational cooperation projects is now done!

The finalists of the five categories were chosen out of 60 nominees in Roskilde, Denmark on the 6th June 2013. The evaluation committee included the representatives of Estonia, Lithuanian, Latvia, Swedish, Finnish and Danish rural networks.

The finalists of Youth category are My Fell Lapland, Youth for Youth, Wind for Youth, and Planet said to me. Read more about the finalists of Youth category HERE

The finalsist of Tourism category are CULTrips. Creating a New Concept for Socio-cultural Village Trips in Europe, Nature Tourism Project, Mustaparta Archipelago and Tornio Valley, and Re-creation of the Landscape / TEAM. Read more about the finalists of Tourism category HERE

The finalists of Culture category are Handicraft, Medieval Festivals, Ecomuseum - from Memories to Future, and Traditions on the Market Square. Read more about the finalists of Culture category HERE

The finalists of Local Area Development category are A la Region - Upper Tampere & Hunsruck and Rhein Valley, Villages full of Treasures, Loving Local Values, and Cross-border Entrepreneurs Blekinge / Warmia-Mazury. Read more about the finalists of Local area development HERE

The finalists of Local Resources and Environment category: Bees and Biodiversity - Together to Stop Pollinating Insects Decline and Protect Biodiversity, Forest Trail, Growing Gastrounauts, Traditional Sailing and Maritime Heritage, and Management fishing in the Lakes Finjasjön and Bosarpasjön. The Transnational Project: Developing Methods of Management Fishery and Utilization of Haul. Read more about the finalists of Local resources category HERE.


Date of nomination: (13) 2013-05-15
Nomination country: Finland
Title: Finnish Sauna – Learning By Doing
Nominees: Participant
Category: Culture
Countries: Finland, Hungary
Leading partner: Finland
Photos link:
Summary: This project is a village development project between villages Kangas (Finland) and Boda (Hungary). Boda has also partners in Transylvania (Romania): small town Csikrakos and in Austria: small town Ottnang. In this project was build a wooden sauna cabin with traditional log building methods. Building of sauna was made in a course in Kangas (Finland), where participants from Finland, Hungary and Transylvania (Romania) learned a lot of Finnish building techniques and culture. During the course the sauna was build up and then put to pieces (logs), which were transferred to village Boda (Hungary). There it was build up again. The people in Boda made the foundation, participants of course put logs in ‘right places’, the Transylvanian people made decoration outside and Austrian people made decoration inside.

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