General information about The Nordic-Baltic Leader Cooperation Award

The Nordic-Baltic Regions Rural Network Support Units - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden initiated The Nordic-Baltic Leader Cooperation Award.

The LEADER Transnational Cooperation Awards collected 60 applications from participating countries.

The first selection of nominated Nordic-Baltic Leader transnational cooperation projects is now done!

The finalists of the five categories were chosen out of 60 nominees in Roskilde, Denmark on the 6th June 2013. The evaluation committee included the representatives of Estonia, Lithuanian, Latvia, Swedish, Finnish and Danish rural network.

More detailed information about applicant and finalists is available in database in the end of the PAGE.

The aim of the competition is to:

Criteria for participating LEADER TNC project in the competition:

Award categories:

There are five award categories for which Leader transnational cooperation projects can apply. These are laid out below with examples of the types of project nominations which are expected:

Nominating Leader transnational cooperation projects for an award:

The Leader transnational cooperation projects will be evaluated against the following criteria:

The process of the Leader transnational cooperation projects evaluation:

A two phase selection process is used: in early June 2013 the Selection Committee chosed four finalists in each category and the Evaluation Committee will then select the best from these finalists in September 2013.

The People's Choice Awards

Public voting for the People’s Choice Award will take place via the competition website, where information on 20 finalists will be available shortly after the Selection Committee has reached their decision on the finalists.

Follow the information and latest news posted on the competition website:


Date of nomination: (32) 2013-05-17
Nomination country: Poland
Title: Polish and Swedish Trail of Local Product
Nominees: Participant
Category: Culture
Countries: Poland, Sweden
Leading partner: Poland
Photos link:
Summary: The main objective of transnational cooperation project between LAG “Podbabiogórze” in Poland and LAG Gränslandet in Sweden was the promotion of local products of both regions, which aimed to increase the number of visitors in the regions thus boosting their local economies. Within the project the trail of local product was marked up. The promotional and informative materials were published such as catalogue and maps. Tourism packets were prepared consisting of accommodation, catering, places to see and transport. They may serve organizations to prepare holiday offers for tourists.

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