The Nordic-Baltic Leader Cooperation Award - Field Trip 1

Time: 27.09.2013

Place: Rapla and Järva Counties

The Nordic-Baltic Leader
Cooperation Award


The Nordic-Baltic Leader Cooperation Award was initiated by the Nordic-Baltic Regions Rural Network Units: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. The Award field trips is organised by Estonian Rural Network Unit, LAG Raplamaa Partnership and LAG and Järva Development Partners.
Expected participants: 30 participants.

Trip MAP

Reede 27. september 2013


Departure from hotel Tallink SPA and Conference (Sadama 11)

 08.10 Departure from hotel Viru


Leader TNC project CULTrips. Sillaotsa Farm Museum, Velise, Märjamaa municipality, Rapla County (coffee break)

  • Meeting with direktor Kalju Idvand, expert at CULTrips projects

 Leader TNC project CULTrips. Toosikannu Holiday Centre, Käru municipality, Rapla County. VIDEO

  • Meeting with director Leo Kass, coordinator and expert at CULTrips project
 12.00-12.30 Lunch at Toosikannu

Leader TNC project ECOLAND. Kiruvere, Kõue municipality, Harjumaa
NGO Austvegr has developed a site for an ancient camp, where different events take place every year. VIDEO

 15.00 Back in Tallinn (stop at airport and port)


Sillaotsa Farm Museum was opened in 1982. You can take a look at the buildings, exhibits and the dendro park. The farmhouse including a barn (built in 1914) was the birthplace of the last resident of Sillaotsa farm, Aleksander Parnabas (1919-1986), who established the museum. Most of the agricultural implements shown here are the handwork of local masters. Flax, cultivated on the loamy soils of Velise and Vigala, was appreciated also outside Estonia. Flax cultivating tools date back to the beginning of the century and are still unstable. Read more  
Toosikannu located in Käru vald in central Estonia, Holiday Centre offers accommodation in simple rooms or wooden houses. The Holiday Centre is situated among forests and offers guests complete privacy. The Center is an active member of LAG. It is possible to organise events for up to 100 guests. In the main house there is also a recently opened hunting hall with a sauna. In addition there is a smoke sauna for those organising summer days and an island sauna for 2-4 people. Additional facilities: ATV tours, archery on landscape, bicycle rent, swimming possibility, fishing. Adventure games and tours  
Kiruvere acient camp. NGO Austvegr has developed a site for an ancient camp, where different events take place every year. The biggest event is the Kiruvere Muinaslaager, Ancient times in Kiruvere, that takes place every July. Different workshops took place at the market” Forgotten skills...”, which was organized during Kiruvere Muinaslaager. The workshops included: fusion of iron ore, making ceramics, weaving, carpentry, jewellery making. A one-log boat was made, which was also taken out on water.The visitors saw how and what was used to make things 1000 years ago. In addition to skills, the participants of workshops and other visitors could also buy materials and equipment to improve their new skills later on their own. Muinaslaager has made the region better known and has contributed a lot to its development. NGO Austvegr was also partner in project ECOLAND.  

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