The Nordic-Baltic Leader Cooperation Award - Field Trip 2

Time: 27.09.2013

Place: Island Hiiumaa

The Nordic-Baltic Leader Cooperation Award



The Nordic-Baltic Leader Cooperation Award was initiated by the Nordic-Baltic Regions Rural Network Units: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. The Award field trips is organised by Estonian Rural Network Unit and LAG Hiiumaa Cooperation Network.
Expected participants: 30 participants.

Trip MAP Tallinn - Island Hiiumaa       Trip MAP Island Hiiumaa

Reede 27. september 2013


Departure from hotel Tallink SPA and Conference (Sadama 11)

07.55 Departure from hotel Viru 
10.00 Ferry departs from the Rohuküla harbour


Vaemla product development center - a major local food projectkoh
  • Meeting with Mr Omar Jõpiselg, Käina Mayor and chair of the NGO Hiiu Veis ja Lammas;
    Mr Tarvo Nõmm, NGO Hiiu Veis ja Lammas operator; representative of NGO Arhipelaag
12.15 Orjaku harbour and village centre, coffee break ja and walk in the nature trail (300 m) VIDEO
Cooperation between LEADER, FLAG Hiiukala, municipality, entrepreneurs and NGOs
  • Meeting with Mrs Margit Kääramees, NGO Orjaku village
13.15 Käina Gymnasium. LEADER TNC project Growing Gastronauts
  • Round-table meeting with Growing Gastronauts participants: 6.form children and teacher Anu Maasel. chef Mrs Heli Hahndorf, headmaster Mrs Ene Urman
13.45 Lunch at Käina Gymnasium
15.15 Suuresadama. LEADER TNC project Traditional sailing and maritime heritage - Building site of Halulaev, the traditional sailing ship
  • Meeting with project leader Mr Ain Tähistega
16.00 Kärdla, LAG Hiiumaa Cooperation Network discussion on projects, videofilms on Gastronauts and maritime project. Coffe break with local food snacks
  • meeting with LAG board members: chairmen Mr Jaanus Berkmann, Mrs Anu Pielberg, Mrs Aili Küttim
16.50 departure to Heltermaa harbour
17.30 Ferry Heltermaa-Rohuküla
20.00 Back in Tallinn, stops at hotels Viru and Tallink Spa and Conference
Hiiumaa - an island in the Baltic Sea, rich by versatile, beautiful and intact nature and nice people. It´s good to live on Hiiumaa. There are one thousand and one reasons for people to come here back again and again. Read more

Look VIDEO of Island Hiiumaa.



Visiting two finalists of Local Resources and Environment category:

Growing Gastrounauts

Leading partner: LAG Pays Vallée du Loir (France). Partners: Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership (England), Central Warwickshire Villages LAG (England), LAG Hiidlaste Koostöökogu (Estonia), West Estonian Islands LAG (Estonia)

The main objective of the project is to strengthen links between schools and local food producers. The aim of the project is to study the implementation options of short supply chain from producers and processors "fr

om farm to pot", exchange experiences and to learn from each other. The second objective is to teach children practical examples, farm work, food preparation, etc. The project activities are divided into two groups:
1. Activities oriented towards school children; Called "farm to fork", it includes activities during school hours or after school, it helps to better understand the whole process starting from farmers contribution till the final product is in the market by offering students to see and experience the whole process – in their own country or in some other country.
2. Activities oriented towards staff of schools and pre-schools/nurseries. Together with partners they are organizing a variety of events and thematical days, which are related to topics of local food and eating habits, such as exchange of school cooks in individual partner country, in England and in France; introducing the values of local food to children. As the result of the project, a number of movie clips will be produced to make the learning process more interesting together with the interactive cookbook, that is translated into English, French and Estonian. More info HERE


Traditional Sailing and Maritime Heritage

Leading partner: LAG Karhuseutu (Finland). Partners: LAG Hiidlaste Koostöökogu (Estonia), LAG Bornholm (Denmark)

The aim of the project was to revive the maritime heritage and ship building traditions in Baltic Sea. For this partners organised joint seminars, sailing trainings for crews and youth in traditional sailing ships, open ship days for public, building of traditional sailing vessels (galeass Ihana in Finland, sailing boat Ota in Denmark and sailing schooner Halulaev in Estonia), and dissemination of the results of the project in web and with brochure. More info HERE

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