ESTONIAN RURAL NETWORK: LEADER introduction seminars in Moldova

Time: 08.02.2016–12.02.2016

Place: Moldova

The visit and seminars took place within the framework of the project "Enhancing the rural development capacities of the Moldovan local authorities."

General information about the project: "Enhancing the rural development capacities of the local authorities"

Objective: Estonian LEADER experiences and Local Action Groups (LAGs) for rural development can provide a positive experience.

Estonian LAGs are considered to represent a successful implementation of the bottom-up and decentralized approach to the development of rural areas in the European Union, known as “LEADER approach”.

The seminars can help local Moldovan authorities, entrepreneurs and civil society to exploit the Estonian LEADER experience in order to strengthen their rural development role and capacities.


Contacts: Foreign Policy Association


Information about LEADER in European Union

Information about LEADER in Estonia

Rural development through LEADER (Estonia):


Photo gallery:

PUBLICATIONS of Estonian Rural Network Unit (ENG)


For the first time in Estonia, the Rural Economy Research Centre in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture and Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB) organized a competition called “Notice Leader” in 2011. This brochure provides you with a brief overview of the four finalists in each category.
Publisher: Rural Economy Research Centre Rural Network bureau
Author of the texts: Kristel Jalak
Editor: Helene Kõiv, Rural Network bureau
ISBN 978-9949-9092-5-4

Estonian Leader 2007-2010 "The Success of Leader" in English (JPG)

This publication contains the Estonian Rural Development Plan 2007-2013 Leader-measure supported projects. The brochure includes an overview of the 26 Local action groups.
Link for PDF file (open in new window)

Publisher: Rural Economy Research Centre Rural Network bureau
Editor: Ave Bremse, Rural Network bureau
ISBN 978-9949-9092-3-0



The Nordic-Baltic LEADER Cooperation Award 2013 (PDF)

In this booklet you can find list of all 60 submitted projects of the Nordic-Baltic LEADER Cooperation Award and 21 finalists introduced in more details.
Publisher: Rural Economy Research Centre Rural Network bureau
Editors: Ave Bremse, Kadi Lepik
ISBN 978-9949-9371-2-7


The publication contains projects on the local food network activities on the following topics: networks and trademarks, cooperation projects, farmers markets, cook-books and potential Leader success-stories on local food.

Publisher: Rural Economy Research Centre Rural Network bureau
Editors: Helene Kõiv and Reve Lambur
ISBN 978-9949-9092-9-2


 "Food, agriculture, rural life, fisheries in facts 2015"(PDF)

The publication contains basic facts about Estonian agriculture, rural life and fisheries.

Publisher: Ministry of Rural Affair of Estonia. The publication was compiled in October 2015.
Compiled by Merike Koov
ISSN 2346–5646 (online)


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