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Project title: Reconstruction of the building of Ida-Viru county Farmers Union
Measure name: Leader measure
Theme: agriculture
Start year: 2009
Local action group: LAG Partnership of North- East Coast
Name of the beneficiary: NGO Ida-Viru County Farmers Union
Sum of support: 127 647 EUR
Backround of the project: Ida-Viru county Farmers Union (IVFU) purchased the house in the beginning of 2006. The need to renovate the house arose from the overall situation of the building. First they planned to reconstruct the frontal and roof but when receiving the bid they realized it would be cheaper to reconstruct the whole building. INFU organises different trainings, seminars and information days and they used to rent some rooms from the area. But having a proper classroom and working rooms is really important for the company.
Objectives of the project: To improve the working conditions of Ida-Viru county Farmers Union (which is also an advisory centre).
Main activities: Project helped to accomplish the reconstruction of the whole building in Rakvere street 27, Jõhvi town:
- the building was partly demolished (outer constructions remained) up to the first floor;
- building the second floor to the building;
- replacing the communications (electricity, water, canalisation), accomplishing some inner works;
- arranging greenery and parking spaces.
Project included the owner supervisory that is in accordance with law.
Output and results indicators: New quality was achieved with the project in the development of organisation. The reconstruction of the building was a big challenge and cooperation in organisation activities. New building is really practical and nice looking. It is a landmark which helps to head ahead.

This project has a considerably wide range of stakeholders: Farmers union has over 200 members, in addition the agricultural entrepreneurs of Ida-Viru county can rent the hall to arrange meetings, seminars and other events. Leader action group has used this hall to organize information days, meetings an trainings about local food project realization. The cooperation has improved between LAG and Farmers Union.
Experiences/lessons learned: During the project they learned that constructing is full on different angles and you will have to be ready for all kind of kickbacks (longer deadlines, variation of materials etc.)
Additional information about the project: Nominee in category of best agricultural project in contest "Notice Leader". Article "Lots of light and happy colours" in booklet "Notice Leader 2011" -
Contact person : Arvo Aller
County: Ida-Viru county
Project inserted into database: 2011-08-17

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