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Project title: More possibililties for hobbyism (mountain skiing equipment)
Measure name: Leader measure
Theme: youth
Keywords: hobbyism
Start year: 2010
Local action group: LAG Valga County Partnerships Board
Name of the beneficiary: NGO Otepää Õhujõud
Sum of support: 2 402 EUR
Backround of the project: The idea of project arose from mountain-skiing club "Otepää Õhujõud". The aim was to raise the competitiveness of Otepää's area and the whole Valga county and to promote the sporting activities of children - offering free mountain-skiing trainings in kindergarten and in local school's first classes. It creates new opportunities for area's children by starting a new free hobbyism-group for children of pre-school and first classes.
Main activities: The preliminary trainings focussed on preparations on physique and specific exercises for mountain-skiing, skiing-trainings focussed on basics about skiing (posture while skiing, technique, different exercises etc.) The aim of the project was to create new opportunity for starters and to present new possible favourite hobby. The season ended with a competition for all participants which was very successful.

Many other kindergartens and municipalities are interested in the project activities. They would also like to offer similar activities to local children.

The project was a cooperation between different parts - skiing club, kindergarten, parents and entrepreneurs.

Skiing club dealt with equipment and trainings, instructors and parents helped to carry out the trainings and entrepreneurs supported the undertaking with equipment storage, skiing-hill maintainance-work with opportunity to use the lift on skiing hill. The cooperation was successful and smooth. The cooperation will continue in next winter when they will continue with skiing trainings with another children.
Output and results indicators: The project was most useful to the children - it developed their physique. Most of them can mountain-ski now, have good balance and an opportunity to spend their days in kindergarten in an unique way - by skiing. The mountain-skiing trainings affected positively the personal development of child. Child could live through a great experience and her confidence raised to be successful in things that might have seen difficult at first place. One of the achievement is also great and sustainable cooperation between different stakeholders (entrepreneurs, club, parents).

During the project they learned with every training and the fluency in activities raised together with new skills of participants. The project results showed that there is a need for new activities and participants for the sake of children. This aspect was affirmed by children and parents.
Experiences/lessons learned: Project is unique not only in Estonia but in nearest countries (Latvia, Finland, Lithuania) who are also interested in such activities. There haven't been any such mountain-skiing trainings yet (with free basics, free equipment etc.) and the results of the project are very positive. The children of first training learned how to stand (no previous experience) with skis up to skiing-process (including slalom).

This project helped to create good cooperative relations (a team) between entrepreneurs, skiing club instructors, kindergarten and parents.

The success of this project encourages to broaden the activities in next season (to involve more new groups). Also many children who participated on the project have gained necessary skills which allows to participate on real trainings and to start mountain-skiing or doing sport.

The importance of the project for children - the participation on the trainings acted as a motivation system - who's behaviour was bad in the kindergarten could go on the skiing hill. They say that children's behaviour has improved dramatically...
Additional information about the project: Article in Estonian Public Broadcasting - 14.04.2011 -
Contact person : Mati Lüdimois
County: Valga county
Project inserted into database: 2011-08-26

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