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Project title: Choir stand of Viisu
Measure name: Leader measure
Theme: village development
Keywords: laululava
Start year: 2009
Local action group: LAG Järva Development Partners
Name of the beneficiary: NGO Viisu Village Association
Sum of support: 33 627 EUR
Backround of the project: There wasn't a place to organize summer events in Viisu village. Historical park was reconstructed but something important was missing. Choir stand gives an opportunity to realize different traditional events and to start new ones. Village people have now an opportunity to organize private summer events like family gatherings in Viisu Park and choir stand. The stand gives different possibilities for local people to organize culture and/or sport events.
Main activities: Project helped to build a new choir stand and a dancing square. First they accomplished the pre-work of choir stand building. Then they built the choir stand and small details - suitable figures and ornaments.

Historical Viisu Park is tidied with help of different projects and new choir stand is adjusted with the overall milieu of park. The new complex has renovated-renewed wisely and it feels like a whole.
Output and results indicators: Culture life in Viisu village is improving, local people can participate on different events in village and enjoy concertos, theatres etc.

Local people participated on construction accessory work and tidying the area. Thereby they felt the value of the object and young people want to retain the place as it is and protect the choir stand and park as a whole.

One little village got a modern choir stand which helps to improve the development of the village. It also helped to retain the historical-cultural object - Viisu Park.

Joint activities have helped to promote local village life, they also organize outdoor events there which are popular among young and elderly people.
Experiences/lessons learned: People can learn from the project that the base of the whole activity must be well planned and reasonable, different stages of activities are considered and the works will be done according to the plan and all this creates a compound.
Contact person : Aivar Tubli
County: Järva county
Project inserted into database: 2011-08-31

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