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Project title: Projection of Nissi Family centre
Measure name: Leader measure
Theme: periurban area
Keywords: periurban area
Start year: 2009
Local action group: LAG Western-Harju Partnership
Name of the beneficiary: NGO Nissi Family Centre
Homepage: 18 273 euros
Sum of support: 11 061 EUR
Backround of the project: Nissi Family Centre was established because of the need. The author of project was at home with his little baby and wanted to find a place for her baby at day-care centre, and she started to look for different options. She had lots of different challenges to face, so she decided to have her own day-care centre. In addition she had some followers and their opinion was the same: "When you do something then think big and consider your area's development needs. Thats how the Nissi Family Centre vision started to develop.

The services of Nissi Family Centre are mostly meant for inhabitants of North-West Harju area, including inhabitants of Nissi, Kernu, Vasalemma and Risti municipality. This area has a quite low or insufficient circumstances of similar services. Nissi municipality has 3281 inhabitants, Kernu has 2077, Vasalemma municipality has 2800 and Risti has 901 inhabitants.
Objectives of the project: The aim of the Family Centre is to offer different kind of support for people of Nissi and Kernu municipality for having a healthy and sustainable family and developing it through different necessary services. Family centre offers the following services: children day-care, different trainings, advisory services and different social support activities. The aim is to build a completely new house for the family centre.
Main activities: Designing the pre- and main project of the building draft project.
Designing the grounds' outer area with technological networks.

A 1.5 floored log cabin has built on the ground of family centre. Its' net-area is 305 m2 which allows to offer different services like children day-care (incl. short-term and long-term), social services, advisory- and training service, and hobby- and joint activities. In addition to the building, there is also a playground with extra buildings which allows to develop a outdoor children day-care service. The playground is an important place for carring out joint events and offers and opportunity for families to spend a quality time with their children.

In addition to the development of the ground, they have hired and trained staff and purchased necessary equipment for offerning qualitative services.
Output and results indicators: They have finished the designing the building and grounds' outer area of Nissi Family Centre. In addition they got support for the I stage of construction from Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board 3.2 measure - Village renewal and development. They also look for funding for finishing II and III stage. Nissi Family Centre has trained and hired 8 support-persons to assure the offering of qualitative services from autumn 2012. Nissi Family Centre has established different projects.
Experiences/lessons learned: The biggest experience is that everything takes more time than firstly planned. Also it is hard to find one support programme that would finance the construction of multi-functional building. It would be easier to find rooms and renovate them but it is also complicated in rural area. One important lesson was also that the building is not necessary for offering certain services, but the initial aspect about gaining trust and fame.
Contact person : Lilian Saage
County: Harju county
Project inserted into database: 2011-10-03

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