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Project title: Renovating Noore Naise Nġukogu (the Young Woman Council) room
Measure name: Leader measure
Theme: periurban area
Keywords: periurban area
Start year: 2010
Local action group: LAG North-Harju Partnership
Name of the beneficiary: Assosiation of Viimsi's Active Ladies
Sum of support: 6 391 EUR
Backround of the project: While following the latest data of Statistic Estonia, then Viimsi municipality is the municipality of young people - the average age of population is 32.5 years. Viimsi is also a place with the biggest number of births and it has a positive increment. Since most of the population are new settlers then they are living alone, away from parents and grandparents, so the links between the generations are cut off. The important aspects of activating family culture traditions are communication between generations and transmission of experiences and knowledge

Based on Viimsi municipality's development plan, there is a wish to support pre-vocational trainings, entrepreneurship studies, development of youth centre, and youth-work improvements and diversification.

Young people need to make many decisions about specialty alternatives, family and planning children and which are not taught in schools. The project "Noorte Naiste Nġukoda" creates an environment and opportunities for getting the knowledge and exchanging experiences. It also creates links between generations and an communication environment for youth.
Objectives of the project: The aim of the project is to create a special centre to Viimsi which would deal with young families with soft values, designing the values of young families, involving them into the culture room and with system of traditional values. It will promote continuity of cultural traditions, Estonian food and the art of making it delicious. Also a cooperation network with other municipalities will be created to share experiences and organize joint events for neighboring municipalities.

In the Council youth will be suppored with choosing their specialty, family planning, finding the right job, doing household chores, studying, and raising and educating children. Young people can communicate in pleasant, dignified and inspiring environment, get experiences and different skills, which are necessary for saving and healthy households. Young people of Viimsi will have stronger links with their homeplace. Also they can develop their personalities through different activities.
Main activities: Establishing an informative centre for youth and young families where they could meet, communicate and participate at different seminars and working groups.

The planned activities of the project would share knowledge about healthy diet, heritage culture, family traditions, saving household management, relaxing art and handicraft activities, healthy trainings, clever management with children, cooking and lots of other important issues. The council will organize the activities, but young people can use the council rooms to communicate and spend their free time. It will promote Estonian cultural traditions, local food, soft family values, healthy living style. The council will also contribute on having discussion, involving new settlers to the area and integrating different nationalities.
Output and results indicators: Inside the milieu valuable complex of Laidoneri manor there is a renovated room of 120 m2, opened to thousands of inhabitants of Viimsi. While the room is located near health club-coffee called Harmoonikum, then it will add the attractiveness and multi-functionality to the area.

The Association of Viimsi Active Ladies did not have the room where they could realize their social activities since now. Now the young generations can be involved into different activities.

The inhabitants of Viimsi are aware of existence of Young Women Council - they are visiting the house to get new knowledge, to communicate and spending free time. There are 10-20 female visitors per day.
Experiences/lessons learned: The Association of Viimsi's Active Ladies have been active for 5 years already and it have started many new projects during the last few years. The association will continue with activities related to appreciating women, starting new projects through social and project-based activities which will provide the necessary tools for organization and the activity of Young Women Council.

If there will be a need then it will involve local government and other social organizations to their activities.

To manage the object and to cover the fixed costs the co-usage contracts will be concluded. The association will also monitore that the activities in their rooms would be accordant to their main principles and also involving local women.

Since the soft values are becoming more important, the Young Women Council is a good example and support for everybody who want to develop their personality and popularizing the family values.

Thanks to communicating, sharing experiences and working shops, the links between generations will be strengthen.
Contact person : Ene Lill
County: Harju county
Project inserted into database: 2011-11-01

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