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Project title: Renovation of greenhouse
Theme: agriculture
Start year: 2010
Local action group: LAG North-Harju Partnership
Name of the beneficiary: Naeris Ltd
Sum of support: 6 084 euros
Backround of the project: Ltd Naeris continued the traditions of growing vegetables of former Kostivere sovkhoz, and privatized its greenhouses. For the 2010, the greenhouses were so amortized that Mare Treiberg, the manager of the enterprise, was thinking of closing it. They had to do some investments to maintain the existing jobs and to continue with their activities. Leader programme gave them the opportunity, and Mare Treiberg decided to use this.

In Kasemetsa there was only an useless old carcass of greenhouse which could be renovated with the use of modern materials and techniques, and the hard physical work could be more accomplishable for older employees. Local people find the whole undertaking very important because there aren't many vegetable growers in the area.
Objectives of the project: Continuing, modernizing and improving vegetable growing traditions.
Main activities: Renovating Kasemetsa greenhouse.
Output and results indicators: The result of the project is to establish a new greenhouse with modern equipment. The greenhouse is without heating system, and it is meant for the whole process - from pricking out the plants till selling the production. If necessary, it is possible to change the size of greenhouse with dividing walls made of film, and to heat smaller rooms for plants' pre-growing process.

The greenhouse has modern automatic ventilation and watering devices which are effective and will decrease the usage of employers' physical work, and guarantee better working conditions.

The project will help to preserve the two existing jobs and will create two extra jobs as well.

The marketing area grew larger - now it has widened into Raasiku and Aruküla municipalities.
Experiences/lessons learned: The area has a long tradition of vegetables growing (since the times of Pirita abbey.
The applicant has long experiences in growing vegetables, and is the only one who have continued in this activity sphere in Kostivere area. The new solutions enable even older people to continue with the physically heavy work.
Additional information about the project: The project was nominated in innovativeness category of RDP project examples competition in 2012 "Notice the Innovative Agriculture"
Contact person : Mare Treiberg
County: Harju county
Project inserted into database: 2013-03-15

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