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Project title: Young beekeeper
Measure name: Setting up of young agricultural producers
Theme: agriculturue
Start year: 2010
Name of the beneficiary: Kumalane Ltd
Sum of support: 40 000 euros
Backround of the project: The father of young farmer Taavi Tulli has been active with beekeeping for more than 20 years, Taavi started to show his interest towards beekeeping about 6-7 years ago. Taavi was only 17 years old when he discovered the values of beekeeping - in 2007. He went to practice to Sweden in a big apiary, he collected a lot of know-how which he could use in Estonia.

The main fields of Ltd Kumalane are producing honey, and growing Italian race bees, that are used to Estonian climate.
There are more than 600 bee-families, located in Tartu and Valga county. There are 12-20 bee families in a swarm.
Objectives of the project: The aim of the project was to raise the technological level of processing, to make the process of honey extraction faster.
Main activities: The entrepreneur received support from young farmer measure to purchase necessary beekeeping equipment.

In addition to young farmer measure, he has received support from measure 1.4.1 (investments for developing micro-agriculture):
in 2008 he purchased beehives, stacker and bee device for honey packaging;
in 2010 he purchased honey spinner, lifter and beehives of 6-layers.
Output and results indicators: As the result of the project the whole organization of works became easier.
Experiences/lessons learned: Young farmer wishes to continue with beekeeping for at least 10 years, and see how far he can develop this field in Estonia.
Contact person : Taavi Tull
County: Tartu county
Project inserted into database: 2013-07-08

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