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Project title: Construction of bioethanol
MEASURE: 1.6.1
Measure name: Adding value to agricultural and non-wood forestry products
Theme: agriculture
Keywords: Bio-energy
Start year: 2008
Name of the beneficiary: Self-employed entrepreneur Ants Pak´s Kadarbiku Farm
Sum of support: 10 013 824 EEK (640 000 EUR)
Backround of the project: Self –employed entrepreneur Ants Pak´s Kadarbiku Farm. Main activity of the farm is growing and processing (washing, peeling, decocting) vegetables (beet, carrot, cabbage). There are about 250 ha agricultural land under vegetables. The whole production is correctly packed. It is a family enterprise.
Objectives of the project: The purpose of the project is production of the bio-ethanol from agricultural products and residues from processing. Ethanol is mainly produced from sugar beet. There is also a possibility to produce ethanol from residues of processing vegetables (beet, carrot, cabbage) and pressing natural juices. It gives the entrepreneur possibility to use production residues effectively.

The company wants to bring domestic ethanol to the market, by broadening Estonian production. Ethanol is sold mainly to petrol companies, who will buy all the output and deliver it with trucks.

One kilo of sugar beet gives 1 kilo of bio-ethanol. Planned production capacity is 5000 l per day and 2500 m3 yearly. There is 100 m3 reservoir for final product. Statoil and Neste will purchase most of the ethanol. There is no possibility to purchase bio-ethanol from the factory, because the property has the status of bonded warehouse.

Residues from bio-ethanol production are dried and sold as fodder.

All the water used for distillation is in circulation. Rain water is collected and used for washing sugar beets.
Output and results indicators: Effectually using processing residues, creating new employments.
Experiences/lessons learned: One challenge of effectuating this project was its' novelty, towards organization and also to all Estonia. Estonia have long-term experiences with producing ethanol, but not from sugar beets and other vegetables.

In relation to this there were hold long negotiations with Estonian Tax- and Customs Board, to have a permission to produce rubbing alcohol.

Local people were against it because they were scared that this production would give out a distracting smell or would damage the living environment by some other way. Nearest dwelling house is within 300 metres, allocated with bosk. But these issues were solved in the process of negotiations.

The period of the Agricultural Registers and Information Board support payments was extended.

Project shows, that it is possible to produce high-quality rubbing alcohol based on modern world-class technology from raw-material (sugar beet) which has grew in Estonia.
Contact person : Lisli Pak
County: Harju County
Project inserted into database: 2010-03-08

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