Database of relevant RDP project examples

Project title: Reconstruction of the sauna-community house of Kiideva village
Measure name: Village renewal and development
Theme: village development
Keywords: community house
Start year: 2007
Name of the beneficiary: Village Association of Kiideva
Sum of support: 575 211 EEK (36 762 EUR)
Backround of the project: Reconstruction of the sauna-community house of Kiideva village.
Objectives of the project: To activate declining social life, strengthen the will to co-operate, social relationships in village, to improve living environment of village people; improving availability of community services to village community - loaning books, reading room, village sauna, internet.
Additional information about the project: PRIA trükis "10 edulugu eurotoetuste kasutamisest Eestis, EUROOPAST MAALE", link näite kohta PRIA veebil
Contact person : Tiiu Tomingas
County: Lääne county
Project inserted into database: 2010-03-30

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