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Project title: Romantic Coastline
Measure name: Leader measure (measure 1 - Training and notification)
Theme: cooperation
Keywords: place marketing, brand
Start year: 2009
Local action group: LAG Pärnu Bay Partnership
Name of the beneficiary: NGO Pärnu Bay Partnership
Sum of support: 111 244 EUR (for four projects)
Backround of the project: Romantic Coastline is a journey, that takes people from Varbla to Ikla or otherwise by almost 250 km long coastline, dodging Kihnu island and also to inland, where are signs from former coastline of Baltic Sea.

Romantic Coastline includes all entrepreneurs, associations, NGO-s, local food offers and local interesting places from Pärnu Bay Partnership action area. It is planned to design a common identity for the region by Romantic Coastline, which helps to create a better marketing opportunities for the region. Through different project applications they charted the area, raised awareness about this through media, participated at fairs, organized a training and bough necessary devices. It is a ongoing project and it is planned to organise different activities like creating a homepage, different trainings, promote local food and many more.

The project implementers wish is to give great emotions for the Romantic Coastline visitors from the natural services and products that are all made with heart.

The idea of place-marketing project "Romantic coastline" arose from the need of tourism-enterprises of joined municipalities during the compilation of area's strategy and the common interest of member-municipalities to develop and market the area nationally and internationally as a whole.
Objectives of the project: The wider aim of this project is vivifying and continuing traditions. Involvement of Pärnu Bay Partnership action area (ten municipalities) habitants through common-actioning, cooperation and emergent cooperation network. Activating local products and brands - creating a common trademark "Romantic Coastline". Up to year 2012 Romantic Coastline should be a tourism product of actual and former municipalities of Pärnu county that are situated near the sea.
Main activities: Charting the area, creating network, media and video reverberation (newspapers, TV-shows, DVD-s, study film), creating logo and compiling respective style-book for the joint brand "Romantic Coastline", organising studies and joint events, publication "Holiday on Romantic Coastline in Pärnu County" in Estonian and in English, joint homepage (also in English); information kiosk in a Pärnu Supermarket, participating in different summer events
Output and results indicators: Leader action group is now known among their cooperation partners as the result of the Romantic Coastline project; some new services have emerged.
Experiences/lessons learned: The biggest problem on launching project is supposedly involvement and encouragement of different people. The cooperation in wide-area needs innovative ideas, good cooperation partners, long-termed sustainable and quality actioning. Cooperation needs tools and a wish to cooperate from all beneficiaries. Successful trainings and common events are forming the best base to create synergies. The Pickle Festival was a good role-model to organize certain-named events in all cooperation municipalities.
Additional information about the project: April 2012, story in the brochure "LEADER for local food development!" -

Nominee in category of best entrepreneurship project in contest "Notice Leader". Article "There are thousands of romantic receipts" in booklet "Notice Leader 2011" -

Press release from Pärnu Bay Partnership, 14.03.2011 - Info about Romantic Coastline became more available:

Article in e-newsletter Võrgukiri, 08.03.2011 - Tourism through cooperation - Romantic Coastline:

Article in newspaper "Postimees", 10.08.2010 - Pickle festival at Tahkuranna:

2010-07-21 - Project presentation at Leader seminar:

An extract from Leader Summerseminar print about the project July 2010 -

Article in newspaper "Pärnu Postimees", 21.11.2009 - Romantic Coastline:

Article in newspaper "Maaleht", 09.07.2009 - Romantic Coastline is waiting for small entrepreneurs:
Contact person : Raili Mengel-Sünt
County: Pärnu county
Project inserted into database: 2010-08-27

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