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Project title: Developing the bio-compost production
Measure name: Leader measure
Theme: diversification
Keywords: diversification
Start year: 2010
Local action group: LAG Green Riverland Partnership
Name of the beneficiary: Ltd Matogard
Sum of support: 34 596 EUR
Backround of the project: Ltd Matogard deals with production of different planting soils, packaging, making compost and a little bit with greenery. There are used horse dung from stud farm in Tori parish in the planting soil mixes. Horse dung gives energy for growing and balanced nutrients. This is the special trait of the Ltd Matogard. They started acting in 1994 - even earlier with making the planting soils because Mart Ruumet, director of Matogard was manager of Tori market garden and this dealt with making soil for house plants. The production-building of Matogard is former big farm of Tori model sovkhos, former hay-barn.

Enterprise sells about 200 tons of fertilizer-soil per year.

The logo of the company depicts a horse sitting on the pot. The author of it is an artist, Tarmo Tali whose father was a famous trainer of the stud farm. The idea and the realization of the logo is designed with the cooperation of the artist and the enterprise.

The project was supported by Leader measure: They have also applied for PRIA supports earlier - annual support for surface area and investment support from measure 3.1 for purchasing soil mixes and packaging roller conveyor in 2008.

The enterprise also cooperates with Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute.
Objectives of the project: The aim of the enterprise producing qualitative bio-compost from horse dung and bio-degraded clippings. The aim of the project is to rise the quality of planting soils and packaged compost.
Main activities: Purchasing steam boiler which produces water steam from water. The out-bounding steam is 90 degrees and the compost is disinfected with it. For example the worms of compost are good for the soil, but harmful for plants. This technology also exterminates harmful micro organisms and seeds of noxious plants. The device was bought form Germany.

In addition to the boiler, they also purchased lab devices for their produce monitoring and experimenting. They help to:
- measure the acidity of soil
- identify the over-saltiness, electric conductivity, abundance of active nutrients.

They also purchased packaging device for the Big-Bag bag.
Output and results indicators: All the work got faster, economically more effective and more environmentally friendly as the result of purchasing the machine: 10 litres of naphta is saved when 7 cubic meters of compost is steamed.
Experiences/lessons learned: Cooperation with scientist - As the purchased monitoring set is modern and unique in Estonia, the cooperation has started which seems to be very useful for the enterprise for using the best science outcome and scientists can monitor the procedures done by entrepreneur in the testing lab. Scientists instruct, entrepreneur does the work - it is a win-win cooperation.

Since the Leader measure started to develop, the enterprise has applied the investments support directly from Leader. The director of Ltd Matogard, Mart Ruumet, says it is right thing to do because Leader is familiar with local situation and taking the decision making process to local level is very reasonable.
Additional information about the project: Best Entrepreneursship project in contest "Notice Leader". Article "Horse that sits on the toilet bowl" in booklet "Notice Leader" -
Contact person : Mart Ruumet
County: Pärnu county
Project inserted into database: 2011-04-29

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