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Project title: Raising the quality of diagnostics' service
Measure name: Leader measure
Theme: entrepreneurship
Keywords: diversification
Start year: 2009
Local action group: LAG South-Järvamaa Partnership
Name of the beneficiary: Ltd TS-Hydraulic
Sum of support: 3 337 EUR
Backround of the project: Company deals with maintaining, repairing and diagnosing hydraulic systems; selling, maintaining and repairing forestry-technics computers; filling, diagnosing and repairing air-conditioners. The company started in April 2008. Company helps everyone who have problems with hydraulic systems.

The idea of purchasing the diagnostic device arose from a real need because before they could use different machines and devices to test the hydraulics but the Leader support helped to purchase one machine which does it all.
Objectives of the project: Raising the quality of diagnostics service of Ltd TS-Hydraulic
Main activities: Purchasing the hydraulic diagnostic device with Leader measure support.
Output and results indicators: The quality of offered services has raised as the result of the project.
Experiences/lessons learned: Siim Siiumssaar finds that Leader programme is important because it gives an opportunity for small-companies to develop their entrepreneurship by Leader measure support.

The company applied for the second time to receive Leader support in 2010 to develop the marketing (web-page) and to widen the range of services (hand-press of hydraulic hoses) of the company.
Contact person : Tiit Siimussaar
County: Järva county
Project inserted into database: 2011-05-18

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