ESTONIAN RURAL NETWORK: Opening ceremony of exhibition "Rural Development in Estonia - 100 projects for 100 years"

Time: 18.09.2018

Place: Tallinn Creative Hub, Põhja pst 27a, Tallinn, Estonia

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Agricultural Research Centre has been collecting good project examples about Estonian agriculture and rural life.

The aim of Rural Network is to show to wider publicity what have been done with the help of Estonian Rural Development Plan supports in Estonia.

The opening ceremony of poster exhibition "Rural Development in Estonia - 100 projects for 100 years" will be held on 18th September, at 19.00, in Tallinn Creative Hub.

All the project representatives of the 100 projects, representatives of agricultural- and rural organizations and rural actors have invited to the ceremony.

The exhibition is a gift for Estonia - 100 rural projects that have improved Estonian life and facilitated further developments!

The aims of Estonian Rural Development Plan and number of measures are wide, so some of the projects were collected with the help of our members of cooperation chamber and cooperation partners: Estonian Young Farmers, Estonian Private Forest Centre, Estonian Chamber of Environmental Connections, Kodukant – Estonian Village Movement, Estonian LEADER Union and LEADER Local Action Groups (LAGs), The Association of Estonian Cities and Rural Municipalities, Estonian Land Surveyors Society, Estonian Rural Tourism, Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce, Estonian Food Industry Association, Central Union of Estonian Farmers, Estonian Association of SME’s, Rural Development Foundation, ETNA Estonia, Estonian food network O.T.T etc.

Place: Tallinn Creative Hub (Foundation Tallinn Creative Hub, Põhja pst 27a Tallinn 10415

Participating on the event is only with invitations.

Tuesday, 18th September 2018
Creative Hub, Tallinn

Gathering, welcoming drinks. Hosts:

  • Ms Karin Sepp, Board member of NGO Estonian Young Farmers
  • Mr Roomet Sõrmus, Director of Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce

Opening the exhibition of "Rural Development in Estonia - 100 projects  for 100 years"
Welcoming words:

  • Illar Lemetti, Chancellor of Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs
  • Pille Koorberg, Director of Agricultural Research Centre
  • European Rural Development Network (ENRD) representative
  • European Commission (DG ARGI) representative
19.45 Let's see the exhibition together!

How has Estonia benefited from rural supports? Thoughts from partners and parties involved:

Innovation and knowledge transfer

  • Ms Malle Lind, Head of Public Relations Department of Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce
  • Representative of the project: Ms Anu Hellenurme, Anu Ait Ltd. Project: German quality, Estonian price - Developing high quality feed for calves

Agriculture and forestry

  • Representative of project: Mr Meelis Annus, Director of Farmers Cooperative KEVILI
  • Representative of project: Ms Kadri Aija-Viik, NGO United Forest Owners, Project: Light creates money – Maintaining young forest in cooperative members’ forests

Agri environment

  • Ms Airi Vetemaa, Organic Farming Cooperation Union
  • Representative of project: Ms Angelika Aper or Ando Eelmaa, Kloostrimetsa Fideikomiss Limited Partnership. Project: Let’s move to the Stone Age! – Restoring of old stonewalls

Producing food products

  • Ms Kerli Ats, Director of Central Union of Estonian Farmers
  • Representative of project: Ms Annika Oras, Food network Kääpa OTT. Project: If consumer is buying directly from producer, it is a win-win situation! – Establishing and creating visual identity of food network “Kääpa O.T.T”

Rural entrepreneurship

  • Representative of Estonian Association of SME’s
  • Representative of project: Ms Kaie Altmets, Farmstop Ltd. Project: Goods from producer to market, from market to buyer – Purchasing a light-trailer

Community development, rural development in wider context

  • Ms Krista Habakukk, Estonian village movement KODUKANT
  • Representative of project: Ms Piret Pihel, Lehtse Culture Association. Project: Music unites us! – 100 mandolins for Estonian 100th Anniversary!
22.00 It's cake time!
22.30 Goodbye! Farewell!

More information about the exhibition and  the first presentation: +372 511 2562 (Krista Kõiv), +372 515 6412 (Ave Bremse), +372 529 8009 (Reve Lambur).

Organizing this event has received support from Estonian Rural Development Plan technical assistance for rural network activities.

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