FINNISH RURAL NETWORK UNIT: The 6th Nordic Conference for Rural Research "Rural Truths"

Time: 11.05.2020–13.05.2020

Place: Break Sokos Hotel Tahko, Tahko, Finland

The "6th Nordic Conference for Rural Research: Rural Truths" will be held on 11th-13th May 2020 at Tahko, Eastern Finland.

Registration starts in February 2020.

The Nordic conference for rural research is an interdisciplinary forum with an emphasis on research relevant to the Nordic countries, this time with special focus on "Rural Truths".

We are challenging all researchers and developers from different disciplines with an interest in the Nordic rural areas as an empirical field to discuss rural truths. You are all warmly welcomed to give presentations and discuss your ongoing research and projects with key scholars of the field.

More detailed description about the conference topic can be found under the section Theme.

You can find important dates and more information about the conference venue HERE.


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