ASSOCIATION OF APPLIED BIOLOGISTS: Conference "Advances in Legume Science and Practice 2"

Time: 01.09.2021–03.09.2021

Place: Online

This is the second Legumes conference organised by the AAB ‘Cropping And The Environment (CATE)’ specialist group. We will bring together delegates from a broad spectrum of disciplines to explore the role of legumes in sustainable agriculture, with an emphasis on ecosystem service. Importantly the event will have an international flavour as it features sessions on ‘Legumes in Africa’ and ‘Legumes Translated’. 
Legumes have the potential to play a substantial role in sustainable agriculture, as a resource for pollinators and birds, in intercropping regimes, providing break crops in rotations, enhancing soil nitrogen levels, accessing soil phosphorous and promoting soil biodiversity. The overall GHG emissions associated with legume foods are low whilst products are highly nutritious and many raw legumes products can be readily stored for long periods without spoilage. As such their role in sustainable food production and security is growing. 
This event was originally planned to take place in Angers, France but for obvious reasons will now take place virtually on the Zoom platform. AAB are committed to organising an inclusive event that provides focused oral presentations and promotion of virtual posters.
We are delighted to announce the provisional program for the event. 
- Session 1: Legumes in Europe
- Session 2: Soils, N2 fixation
- Session 3: Pathogens
- Parallel Session 4A: Physiology and Genetics
- Parallel Session 4B: Legumes in Pasture
- Session 5: Legumes in Africa One
    ISAIAH NYAGUMBO (CIMMYT, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa)
    REGIS CHIKOWO (University of Zimbabwe, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa)
    CHRISTIAN THIERFELDER (CIMMYT, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa) 
- Session 6: Legumes in Africa Two
    KEN GILLER (Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands)
    FELIX DAPARE DAKORA (Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa) 
- Session 7: Ecosystem services and Intercropping
- Session 8: Yield increases and Benefits
Poster presenters will have their poster PDFs included in a 'Conference poster book', present a short talk and be available for a personal discussion in a zoom room.
Participation fee 10-85£
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