ASSOCIATION OF APPLIED BIOLOGISTS: Web-seminar "Crop production with reduced pesticide and fertiliser inputs without compromising yield and quality"

Time: 13.10.2021–14.10.2021

Place: Online

13-14.10.2021 at 8:50-13:30 web event organized by AAB (Association of Applied Biologists) “Crop production with reduced pesticide and fertiliser inputs without compromising yield and quality"
Due to changes in legislation the UK food production industry faces serious threats to its productivity and crop safety through the loss of key plant protection products. Moreover growers need to produce same yields from lower inputs to reduce carbon footprints to contribute to the UK commitments to cut emissions by 78% by 2035.  
In this event we will explore the challenges and opportunities resulting from this set of circumstance. We will focus on maximising the efficacy of existing and newly introduced pesticides, bio-stimulants and crop nutrition products; the use of alternative products to directly or indirectly replace those that are lost and to look at alternative previously overlooked  techniques.
Wednesday 13th October 2021
SESSION 1: The importance of macro-nutrients to promote plant health and growth
09:30 Invited Speaker
09:50 Effect of little and often nitrogen and sulphur application on yield, quality and fertiliser uptake of winter wheat
10:10 Reducing uncertainty in crop nutrition through grain analysis and benchmarking
10:30 Invited Speaker: The role of foliar applied nitrogen in reducing soil applied fertiliser
11:10 -11:50 TBC
SESSION II: Using bio-stimulants to maintain plant health
11:50 Invited Speaker:The role of biofilaments in reducing reliance on fungicides
12:10 TBC
12:30 Nutrients, bio stimulants and elicitors: Their role in apple scab reduction
12:50 - 13:30 TBC
13:30 END of DAY ONE
Thursday 14th October 2021
SESSION III: Pest Control Strategies
09:00 Invited Speaker: The role of Adjuvants in improving the efficacy of pesticides
09:20 Refining IPM strategies for CSFB by sowing date
09:40 The use of a real time Decision Support System to optimise fungicide use and control Strawberry Powdery Mildew in protected strawberry crops using fewer fungicide sprays
10:00 Smart monitoring of airborne plant pathogens to enhance crop protection decisions
10:20 Targeting biological control with spore sampling and disease forecasting
11:00 Communicating Carabids: Engaging farmers to encourage uptake of Integrated Pest Management
11:20 Exploring alternative strategies for pest control local natural enemies as alternatives to pesticides for management of greenhouse vegetables arthropod pests
11:40 Intelligent spraying system for variable rate spraying of pesticides for fruit and nursery crop applications
12:00 Recorded short talks to introduce Poster Presentations
SESSION IV: Improving fertiliser use efficiency
12:30 The role of agronomists in delivering input use efficiency
12:50 Linking multi-source data for more precise fertiliser applications
13:10 Fertiliser reduction in a Mediterranean organic greenhouse tomato crop
13:30 END of DAY TWO
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