ESTONIAN RURAL NETWORK: Study visit "Smart villages in Latvia"

Time: 13.09.2022–15.09.2022

Place: Latvia, Kurzeme

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ESTONIAN RURAL NETWORK: Study visit "Smart villages in Latvia"

  On 13-15 September 2022, a study trip to Latvia, organized in co-operation between the Estonian Rural Network and the Latvian Rural Network, will take place with the aim of getting acquainted and inspired by initiatives on smart villages in Latvia. The study trip provides an opportunity to bring together the developers of smart villages in Latvia and Estonia.

Route (in general): Tallinn – Pärnu – Engure – Kuldīga - Alsunga – Jūrkalne – Ziemupe – Jaunauce – Pärnu-Tallinn

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Study visit "Smart Villages in Latvia"

13. September 2022
7.00 The bus departs from Tallinn
8.45 The bus departs from Pärnu
13.00–14.00 Lunch (local food) at café "Rideļu dzirnavas"
14.00 - 14.45

Introduction of the Rideļu Dzirnavas Cope

  • Family business (fish farming, tourism), visiting the mill, implemented projects; the owner is active in the local community;
15.00 - 16.30

Smart Engure community

The coastal community, where they share ideas, observations and events that affect coastal life in all its glory.

  • A strategy created by the community itself
  • Clear management
  • Coordinating actions between small villages
  • Application of IT solutions
  • Pronounced civic awareness and responsibility
  • Smart buoy - which reports to the local community water temperature at sea, wind, etc.;
  • Co-working place, IT trainings for locals;
  • Activities for youth, involving of young people.
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  Jäneda, Tapa vald 73602, Lääne-Virumaa, seminar (at)