Rural Network

Estonian National Rural Network Support Unit

The Estonian National Rural Network covers the whole territory of Estonia.

The Rural Network mission is to add value to the implementation of the Estonian Rural Development Programme (RDP).

The Rural Network aims to facilitate flexible, open-minded and gradual development, with bottom-up initiatives based on needs and developed through cooperative activity among rural actors.

The membership is unformal but involves bodies representing programme beneficiaries, organizations and authorities engaged in rural development including RDP implementation including:

The main tasks of Estonian NSU

The main activties of Estonian NSU

The Quantitative targets are set only for larger network activities. An annual work plan will be discussed each year with the Ministry of Rural Affairs and is set out in the European Rural Development Programme (ERDP) Technical Assistance plan.

The work programme will be renewed according of needs, with ideas coming from Chamber of Cooperation and Ministry of Rural Affairs, LAGs and other stakeholders. E-mail surveys of network participants will help evaluate the benefit of network activities.

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