International Events of 2019

International LEADER conference LINC 2019 in Estonia

Time: 10-13 September 2019

Place: Pärnu, Estonia

Main topic: Rural tourism

LINC is an annual meeting of LAGs (Local Action Groups) which combines European exchange of experience with sport events and European culinary. LINC is an initiative from LAGs and National Network Units for rural development in Austria, Germany, Estonia and Finland.

Organizers: LAG Pärnu Bay Partnership, LAG Kodukant Läänemaa, LAG Mulgimaa Development Centre, LAG Green Riverland Partnership, Estonian LEADER Union and Estonian Rural Network Unit.


Study visit to Georgia "Georgia`s experiences with LEADER approach"

Time: 17-21 November 2019

Place: Georgia, Kakheti region

Main Topic: LEADER cooperation, LEADER approach

The study-trip was organized by: Estonian Rural Network in cooperation with HEKS/EPER South Caucasus PROCEED Project.

Participants of the trip: Representatives of LAG Jõgevamaa Cooperation Chamber, LAG Mulgimaa Development Centre, LAG Pärnu Bay Partnership, LAG Green Riverland Partnership, LAG Western-Harju Partnership, LAG North-Harju Partnership and Estonian LEADER Union.

The purpose of the trip was to explore the LEADER approach in the Georgian context and to encourage Estonian LAGs to start transnational projects with Georgia.



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