Innovation Network



Innovation is an important priority of the ERDP, and one of the objectives of the development plan is - effective cooperation between producers, processors, advisors and researchers, up-to-date research development and knowledge transfer. In particular, 3 actions contribute to this goal - Knowledge Transfer, Advisory Services and Cooperation.

The objective of the „Cooperation” measure of the Estonian Rural Development Plan is to encourage enterprises to enhance research and development and to implement technological and economic innovation. The Cooperation measure provides support to projects applying funding for solutions that meet the practical needs of a single operator, as well as for innovation activities connecting several actors, i.e. innovation clusters. Estonia is part of the Common European Research Area and therefore, international research has a high priority. Within the framework of the Cooperation measure, participation in European Innovation Partnership is supported to enhance the more rapid and widespread practical application of innovative solutions by means of international cooperation.

Viimati muudetud: 02.02.2022